Куда инвестировать в 2022 году

Looking to invest in the next big thing? 
Aren’t we all. On the real though. With 2022 coming up in ~6 months. It’s a good time to start thinking about where you want to be financially in two-three years. The good news is that there are plenty of investment opportunities out there if you want to take control and plan their future! 
The investments with the largest returns are those that are early! To make your money do the most work for you. Now is the time to plan your large investment returns for 2022. By looking at human behavior and how history repeats itself. We can predict (kinda) what the dynamics of 2022 will bring. 

First of all. Our roaring 20’s are on the way! A year and half after the lockdowns during Covid-19 began. Social restrictions have been lifted across the country. People are ready to start living their lives and fulfilling their dreams outside of their home. Experts are comparing the social dynamics of now to those of America in 1920, when Americans were ready to pursue their liberties after the anguish of World War I and the pandemic of the 1918 Spanish Flu. What we saw then was a period of economic prosperity and pursuit of happiness well into dawn. Americans were eager to live life exuberantly and the cash circulated throughout the economy as the party lived on!

Excuse me while I find the need to buy a few pairs of Jordans…or maybe two? One to rock and one to stock :).

Bill Maher agreed when saying that hopefully “we do it without the depression at the end of it.” Now is the time to invest. Now is the time to make money. Which is why the first top investment of 2022 is game and leisure properties. 

Game and Leisure Properties

The lone real estate investment trust of Nasdaq and the favorite of the casino real estate industry is Game and Leisure Properties. As consumer spending is increasing and Americans go out for live entertainment they have desperately craved. Investors can enjoy the high dividend yields of an industry that has been locked up and is now ready for their comeback. 

Gaming and leisure properties are the top investment for 2022. Dividend yield. Growth potential and consumer spending increase from people celebrating lifting social restrictions in a booming economy of population with newfound social freedoms is clear. The roaring 2020s are here. Are you ready to invest?

Cyber Security

Do you think cyber security is a top investment for 2022? The answer may surprise you. Cyber security has become one of the most prominent investments in recent years. The world’s dependence on technology has only increased over time. Which means our vulnerability to cybersecurity threats has as well. Cyber crime costs businesses $1 trillion each year worldwide– and with so much at stake. The demand for solutions from companies like Crowdstrike. DocuSign and Cloudforce. Will continue to increase over time as more people realize they need protection against these threats.   

As an investor. This foresight is pronounced! Individuals want to know their information is safe online and businesses need to keep it that way to ensure their business is operational online. The pandemic forced our already tech driven world to rely more heavily on online shopping. People who had not yet ventured into this convenience were more likely than ever to give it a try. And now that more people than ever have enjoyed the extra time these services allow us to enjoy. The demand for these services will grow as well as the security to enable this sector.   

Cyber security is a top investment for 2022. As the popularity of shopping online continues to grow. So does the need for more robust cyber security measures. The Ponemon Institute’s 2020 Global Security Report found that organizations are spending an average of $1 million per year on digital protection and prevention efforts–a number which will only increase in coming years as this sector matures into a key component of business strategy. If you want to secure your financial future as online customers are kept safe. Now is the time to invest in cyber security. 

Single Family Rentals

If you’re looking for the next best investment for 2022, then single family rentals is a top contender. The competition right now to find a rental unit for a single family is extremely high. Potential renters are paying six months of rent up front. There are not enough houses to rent. So homeowners that are renting their single family homes are in high demand. 

Now is also the time to take advantage of all time low interest rates for home buyers. Low interest rates help reduce payments. And this combination with the high rental costs families are willing to pay for their homes. Ensures single family homes are safe and secure investments. Equity in home grows in the long run as well. So not only will your investment be safe and secure in 2022, but your money will continue to grow as housing prices increase steadily over time. 

What Do You Think?

If you’re ready to make 2022 your most profitable year yet. Consider investing in these three industries. These investments are sure to help you get ahead of the game and position yourself as an expert with savvy business strategy. The demand for cyber security is on the rise because more transactions now happen online than ever before. With this surge in technology driven transactions comes a corresponding need for greater cyber security protections which means that cybersecurity companies are poised to see significant growth over the coming years. Single family homes are also seeing increased interest among investors thanks both to their short-term benefits and long term potential return on investment (ROI). Finally, entertainment spending has been surging since the pandemic broke out. By looking at what we can expect in the next coming year based on what is happening in our country. You can make the most of your investments by acting now and making money in 2022.

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